Tuesday, July 5, 2011

who am i and where have i been?

Last post, March 28th. Today is July 5th. I guess I can say I have been busy.  Baseball season and wrestling season keep us busy traveling to games and meets. Traveled to Greenville at break, did some shopping. Bought a few bridal items for my daughter the bride to be.
Of course, while we were shopping in Greenville, my very creative husband was making a masterpiece which could have saved us a lot of money! (had I known)
You will never believe, this was made from a tyvek painter's coverall; a mattress pad; the fur collar taken from an old sweater; a sheer curtain; a painter's hat; an old belt; some sequins; some spray adhesive; and a hot glue gun! I think it cost him less than $15.00, he is very resourceful. The outfit was a huge success at the bridal shower my daughter's college friends put together for her. Needless to say she was very surprised when they insisted she open the package and model the ensemble for everyone.
Meanwhile, my youngest son's senior year was coming to a close and was packed with activities. Our church hosts a banquet to honor the graduating seniors. The banquet was held at the beautiful Paint Creek Golf Club. My son attended the banquet with a close friend (who ironically wore her older sister's dress, that I made using tablecloths!).

Meanwhile, the older two children are wrapping up their college days! My son graduated with a degree in secondary education and my daughter with a degree in business.
and moments after graduating, my son proposed to his beautiful girlfriend! It was a real surprise!
She said yes, of course and now another wedding is in the works.

The youngest left for his senior trip to Europe for 10 days and at home the graduation/wedding season began. Bridal showers and planning for graduation and an open house kept me busy.
My youngest graduated with high honors

His entire graduating class, all seven of them.
The next day we held his open house, along with some of the other graduates families. 
Hard to believe my baby is off to college in the fall!
The weekend after graduation was the first of three weddings.
The next weekend, the second.
And the next weekend, the third!
The first wedding, I altered bridesmaids dresses, the second, I made bridesmaids dresses, and the third I altered bridesmaids dresses! I was tired of bridesmaid dresses for sure.
After the wedding season was over, I held a sewing camp for some young girls. We worked on an organizer for their things and then made a skirt and matching vest. The girls did an incredible job.

Finally, after all that and working a couple days back at the hospital, my husband and I went on a mini vacation.
Up to the magnificent Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Soo Locks 
Tahquamenon Falls
Pictured Rocks, the sunset cruise.

Enjoyed a great picnic and fireworks with friends for my husband's 4th of July birthday and of course our nations birthday, but sadly no pictures.
It doesn't seem like much when written, but it all kept me busy!
Bring on the next whirl of activities, a scope and a scope. One for the daughter and one for the hubby.