Monday, March 28, 2011


So I'm not a good blogger, not even a mediocre one. I will keep plugging a way with the thought that one day I will be better. Like Ashley at AshleyAnnPhotography I enjoy her blog so much, it usually makes me chuckle at some point during my day. She posted about, it made me very curious so I requested an invite and now I'm learning to pin my favorites out there for future reference. So much easier than bookmarking everything! Projects, wedding ideas, you name it, you can pin it! Two other blogs that I enjoy are Gussy Sews and Knitty Bitties Lots of sewing inspiration from those two. I have wanted to make a camera strap cover for myself, so I finally put one together with scraps I had laying around. It is not nearly as cute as those I see on line, but it will do until I break down and buy some Amy Butler fabric or something awesome from moda.

I even added a pocket for my lens cap, don't worry that wasn't my brilliant idea, but it is perfect.

Remember the wedding I was helping with? 

A winter theme, beautifully done on a budget. The wooden disk was our table card and a cute coaster keepsake. Isn't the tree stump votive holder cute? With the bride and groom's initials carved into them. Beautiful wedding, congratulations, Andrea and Aaron.

So for my BIG 50 birthday I got an e-reader, the B & N Nookcolor. Of course I had to make a cute cover to protect the soft leather of the cute case it snaps into.

It had to be lined and have a velcro closure.

Love it.

Then of course my loving hubby couldn't let the BIG day go by without a party, oh no!

big party, big hat, big surprise. FUN.

The boys drove down to Greenville, SC to surprise the girls (well one of them had to be in on it).

love these kids