Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is our second snow day and I finally feel like I have time to put some thoughts down. Busy has been an understatement. Let me see if I can recap. 
We left Michigan on Christmas Eve and drove straight through to Denver, Colorado! Thinking of ourselves as the characters in the movie, "A Christmas Story", we sought out a place to eat and ended up at Viva Burrito! We still laugh when we think of it. 

We drove through the Rockies to Moab, Utah. Arches National Park, beautiful!
Goblin Valley State Park, fun, the boys wanted to play paint ball!
Grand Staircase/Escalante National Park.
My personal favorite, Bryce Canyon National Park.
The Grand Canyon, both north and south rims were closed due to the weather, so we pushed on to Monument Valley. 
Spent an absolutely freezing night in Durango, CO and just made it through the mountain pass at Wolf Creek; before making our way to Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy.
New Year's day was spent on the road and we arrived home on January 2nd. What an adventure! We were home for a few days when our daughter went for an evening airplane ride with her boyfriend, he proposed mid-air! He strung Christmas lights out 20 feet high to say "Marry Me?" on the ice of a lake and had a friend hit the switch at just the right moment. She of course said yes! 
The newly engaged couple.
Of course we had to run right out and buy these!
Then we had to send her back to school, one more semester till graduation. No dust settling here, I had to get busy and help organize a bridal shower for a close friend's daughter. We made cupcakes to go with our all white theme. My friend LA is so clever with trays, flower pots, and a glue gun.
Okay, with basketball season in full swing and I a senior parent, I volunteered to help with the costumes for our school play, Pride & Prejudice. My youngest son played Mr. Bennet. After making three dresses, a vest, and countless hems and repairs. The play was a huge success!
You would think me crazy but I also helped hem and make some changes to the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding gown of my friend's daughter. There is no rest for the weary because now I need to finish the quilt I am making for the wedding gift! Pictures of that later. Soon I will finish my December album and my 365 is coming to an end for the year. Will I do it again? Yes! maybe this time the digital version...